New England Patriots
The Patriots have had a disappointing off season to say the least, they have gone from having a high power offense with Welker, Gronkowski and Hernandez which averaged 35 points a game to an offense which currently only boasts Danny Amendola and a injury doubt over Gronkowski.

So the Patriots look set to take a step backwards unless their defence can take another step up from the poor displays they have shown the last few years. With Dennard also now dealing with off field issues this now looks like a questionable ideal unless Chandler Jones and Donta Hightower can make big 2nd year leaps. Aqib Talib should also have a good year with a preseason under Belichick and the fact it's a contract year for him.

Regardless the one thing you can always say about the Patriots is that whilst they have Belichick and Tom Brady playing at a high quality level it's hard to see them missing the playoffs.

Miami Dolphins
Most analysts have the Dolphins making a challenge to the Patriots in the AFC East this year but I'm not quite sure right now. I haven't seen enough from Tannehill to suggest he will make a 2nd year leap as the Dolphins really benefited from a weak schedule in 2012. Tannehill threw 12 passing touchdowns last season with 13 interceptions which isn't exactly something you are wanting to see from someone who is likely the future of your franchise.

The Dolphins lose both Anthony Fasano and Jake Long on the offensive end which will be a significant loss for them but they also made some terrific pickups. Mike Wallace is overpaid and whilst he is a tad overrated, his ability to stretch the field is second to none. Dustin Keller also joins the team from a disappointing season he had at the Jets which can be somewhat blamed on the fact he had Mark Sanchez as his quarterback.

The defence meanwhile is a fresh faced group that will lack chemistry going into the new season but on ability looks to be also an improved group.

Expect a similar season for the Dolphins in 2013, if Tannehill doesn't make a 2nd year jump there won't be any playoffs for them in 2013.

Buffalo Bills
It's hard to get excited about the Bills after years of disappointing seasons, which is a real shame as they always have the talent and potential to do more and become a threat in the AFC East.

On the offensive side of the ball the Bills biggest question mark is the quarter back position and the battle between Kevin Kolb who is trying to turn glimpses of potential into a career and rookie EJ Manuel who some are comparing to Russell Wilson in training camp last year but if you watched any of his college performances, you are still wondering why he was taken in the first round. C.J Spiller will provide a strong running game but without the threat of the pass Buffalo won't go far in 2013.

On the defensive side of the ball expect the Bills to be around the league average, they will bring a ton of pressure and will be burnt by teams that can throw the deep ball (Doesn't help them with the Dolphins now capable in the division)

Above all expect another disappointing season for the Bills, 6-10 sounds around the mark depending how well they can handle the Dolphins/Jets.

New York Jets
Geez, where to start? the Jets circus was both embarrassing to watch on and off the field but in some respect i can kind of feel sorry for their defence which continued to perform decent despite losing Revis. Let's look at this realistically though, yes, there is a battle at quarterback and Mark Sanchez will most likely start come week 1 unless Geno Smith can impress in the pre-season.

The Jets won't be as bad as most analysts think though, lets not forget that the this team is only 2 years removed from AFC championship game appearances. Ivory and Powell will provide a stable running game if they can stay healthy throughout the season and if Santonio Holmes gets back on the field the Jets can only improve.

The Jets are always a top 10 defence in the league as by now we all know the one thing Rex Ryan can do is coach defence. So expect the Jets to be in the battle with the Dolphins/Bills for 2nd in the AFC East but this likely won't be enough for them to make the playoffs.

Projected Standings

This is the Patriots division and they will receive a fair bit higher competition from their rivals this season but for now they are a class above the rest of the division. I believe there is a high probability that multiple teams in this division will finish with a 7-9 record with the Patriots likely leading the way at 10-6.

Likely Standings
1. Patriots 11-5
2. Miami Dolphins 8-8
3. New York Jets 6-10
4. Buffalo Bills 6-10


I'd suggest avoiding betting in this division, there's not too much value around as it's one of the weakest in the NFL.